A society registered under MP Societies Act and being run by volunteers.
A great saint who devoted his entire life for serving the sufferers and upliftment of the society through his various organizations involved in benevolent activities aimed at health and education mainly at Bairagarh (Bhopal) M.P. (India) and various other parts of the country.

A few youths were inspired to contribute from their pocket money to bear the educational expenses of poor students whose parents were not able to continue their studies due to poverty. The drive got momentum over a period and this noble work started coverage of more and more students with the blessings of Paramhans Santji and Rev. Siddh Bhau.

Paramhans Santji always used to say, I wish, no child should remain uneducated due to poverty. Poverty is a curse. If we want to remove this curse, we have to get our children well educated so that they can earn livelihood not only for themselves but for their families and be an asset for the nation. If you will extend your helping hand for educating these poor children, your own children will do very well in their studies.


To support poor families by extending help in the form of ration, medicines & drinking water and providing free education, vocational training etc. to their children towards self-reliance.

Overall upliftment of the society through education and employment of the poor.

"One small good-will gesture brings cheers,
One comforting smile wipes tears,
One slight touch relieves pains,
One who gives, actually gains"



1. Rev. Siddh Bhauji     President  
2. Mr. Hero Gyanchandani     Vice President  
3. Mr. A.C. Sadhwani     General Secretary  
4. Mr. Thawar Varlani     Secretary  
5. Mr. Hero Keswani     Treasurer  
6. Mr.Bhagwan Damani     Asstt. Treasurer  
7. Mr.Bhagwan Babani     Auditor  
8. Mr. K.L. Ramnani     Executive Member  
9. Mr. K.L. Motwani     Executive Member  
10. Mr.Mahesh Dayaramani     Executive Member  
11. Mr. Ramesh Hingorani     Executive Member  
12. Mr.Ghanshyam Boolchandani     Executive Member  
13. Mr.Ashok Chainani     Executive Member  
14. Mr. Gopal Girdhani     Executive Member