"let us salute the Divine Figure- H. H. Swamiji “ by extending a helping hand with generosity & graciousness towards the noble              deeds, he has been doing only for others".
Mr. N.N. Lalchandani, New York

      "It has been honour and privilege for me to be associated with the activities of H. H. Swamiji, for which I wish all success".
Mr. M. K. Chanrai, Singapore

      "I pray the Almighty to motivate people towards serving the noble cause of literacy, employment and serving the sufferers
      through Rev. Swamiji's volunteers".
Mr. Dayal Harjani, Dubai

      "Those who contribute towards cause of serving the sufferers, are fortunate enough to serve the Lord in real terms".
Mr. Mamtani Manga, Japan

      "Make the life immortal by doing acts of kindness & benevolence so that Rev. Swamiji's mission of wiping out the tears from
      sunken eyes is completed".
Mr. K.H. Lakhani, Hong Kong

      "The noble work being done with the inspiration of Rev. Swamiji is amazing. We appeal everyone to donate, whatever amount,
      for our suffering brethren".
Mrs. Bhanu & Mr. Mohan Lalwani, Hong Kong

      "Paramhans Santji's mission of care of poor, the hapless should go uninterruptedly, giving us opportunity to worship God in
      human form".
Mr. Chellaram Kirpalani, Singapore

      Life has many lessons and humility is high on the list. I used to believe this and see its manifestation when I see the volunteers
      of His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahib working for the welfare of poor & downtrodden.
Mr. T. K. Thadani, Lagos

      I appeal every like-minded person to come forward with generous hands for these activities & win laurels of the Lord, as
      mentioned in the service philosophy of the Saint. Also, this place should at least be visited which has become a
      synonym of a pilgrimage.
Mr. Prakash C. Nandwani (Las Palmas)

      My humble Pranams in lotus feet of H. H. Puj. Sant Hirdaram Sahib. I see my Satguru Swami Tenuram in Him. All saints tell us,
     In order to receive happiness, we have to make others happy. We must keep giving and sharing with others whatever we
      may have, till our last breath.
Mr. Harry Wadhwani (Los Angeles)

      I appeal to everyone to donate with gracious hearts and generous hands for this cause, as per your resources and convenience.
Ghanshyam Bhagwani (Las Palmas)

      I ever seek blessings of Paramhans Santji & Rev. Siddh Bhauji for all my family members and also for all those who are
      marching on service path.
Mrs. Lavina Raisinghani (St. Maarten)

      I respect and admire the selfless work of the volunteers who have been dedicating their lives all the times to improve the
      condition of others.
Mr. Vinod Shivlani (Argentina)

      I appeal to all to get this opportunity of enjoying the perpetual bliss by way of serving the poor. My prostrations to the Saint
      who showed us the path of Sumiran through Sewa .
Mr. Charlie Daswani (Hong Kong)

      I really appreciate and pray to the Almighty for all the devout volunteers and philanthropists who have extended their help in
      Sewa Karyas performed by Jeev Sewa Sansthan and its other organizations.
Mr. Lachhhmandas K. Pagarani (Dubai)

      Paramhans Santji, God-realised soul, has perceived the easiest way to meet God face to face through rendering selfless service
      to the poor and the sick who are the true face of God. Rendering selfless service will absolve us of all sins.
Mrs. Shanti & Dr. Hargun L. Khanchandani (London)

      The example of selfless yogi is Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahibji who lived a simple life of the Fakir but aspired that poor
      and needy should be looked after as God's favorite children.
Mr. Gope H. Nandwani (London)

      No doubt, blessed are those who get the chance of seeing the Lord in the form of the poor and the needy, the homeless and
      the hapless, the old, the infirm and the downtrodden and the handicapped.
Mr. V. G. Melwani (Hong Kong)