Unique Child Adoption Scheme

The poor but meritorious students whose parents are not able to provide them education due to being poor, are adopted for providing free education. These children reside in their own houses and study in the schools of their choices. Once a child is adopted, he/she is provided free education continuously till he/she continues to pass examinations. We also ensure that, as far as possible, these students start earning for livelihood after completion of their education.

 Facilities Being Provided Free of Charge :

♦   Syllabus books, note-books, pens, pencils, calculators, uniforms, bags, alarm clocks, sweaters, school fees       etc.
♦   Coaching in the own premises of the Parishad for school subjects so that they do not lag behind in studies      as compared to their affluent class-mates.
♦   Library facilities in Neetu Mahtani Memorial Library, run by the Parishad, are provided. A separate reading       hall has been earmarked for the students of the Parishad.
♦    Bhagwan Kala Kendra, the full fledged vocational training centre, run by the Parishad, provides vocational       training so that students learn some vocation to stand on their own feet and lead the life respectfully.

 Expenses Per Child :

In view of lot of voluntary work involved, bulk purchases, schools where the students study, charging concessional fees and suppliers taking minimum profit, we have been managing this unique activity at following amount :

♦   7,000 per annum per child for school education (upto Std. XII)
♦   10,000 per annum per child for college education

Students Benefitted Till Date :

Over 10,000.
(Once a child is adopted, he/she is provided free education at least upto Std. XII and, in deserving cases, upto college level. Every year around 2000 students remain under adoption scheme).